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Carving In His Father's Footsteps

Pete Ortega was born in Tesuque, New Mexico in the Adobe home that formally held the family gallery El Dulce Hogar (Home Sweet Home) to the world-renowned Santero Ben Ortega Sr. and Isabel Ortega. His ancestors are of Spanish descent, which is essential to the history of his folk art that is known both nationally and internationally.

It was from Pete's late father Ben Ortega Sr., from whom he received his training and mentorship some 45 years ago. "I learned everything from my father,"  says Pete. "He was a very patient man. He was truly my inspiration."


A Visit to the showroom in Santa Fe displays photos of Ben Sr. smiling out over the carvings with this gentle eyes and warm smile. 


Each carving begins with a trip to the woodpile. With his trained eye, Pete puts his skills, passion, heart, and soul into the piece using the same tools he has used for decades. Dedication to quality, craftsmanship and a sincere desire to bring happiness to people shows through in each finished piece. The distinct style of this master Santero carries on the Ben Ortega family tradition. 



Traditional Spanish Market 

25 Years in Market

1st Place Unpainted Bultos, 2016

Honorable Mention Unpainted Bultos, 2015

1st Place Unpainted Bultos, 2013

Woodcarving Award, 2010


Master of the Southwest

Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, 2011

Pete Ortega Awards
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